What Is My Mac Screen Resolution

Your Mac Screen Resolution is

Screen Width:
Screen Height:

Are you looking or interested to know your Screen Resolution? Then, this is the right place which you want!

The above info is your screen resolution in pixels.

Other Information:

Device Resolution:
Device inner Resolution:
DPR(Device Pixel Ratio):
Display Dimensions: (width x height):
Screen Diagonal:
Color Depth (bits per pixel):
Pixel Depth:
Display Aspect Ratio:
Your Resolution Is:
Browser Viewport:

#1 (browser viewport window's size without taskbars/toolbars/address bars)

#2 (") Inches

What Is My Screen Resolution Mac

Check and Change Screen Resolution on macOS:

  1. Click the Apple icon to open Apple menu, then from the Apple menu select System preferences >> Displays option.
    Change Screen Resolution on macOS
  2. Select Scaled under Resolution option, then select the resolution which you want to use.
    Change Screen Resolution on macOS
  3. Click Done.
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